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How does the selection procedure work?
Posted by Support 1 on 15 April 2013 04:00 PM
The intermediary organisations, who act as local contact points, are responsible for assessing new and host entrepreneurs’ applications as well as matching potential entrepreneurs together for the exchange. Once these relationships have been accepted by the entrepreneurs and their intermediary organisations, they will be put forward to the European Commission for a final approval.

The selection procedure is as follows:

  • New and host entrepreneurs complete the online registration form. The entrepreneurs must equally choose an intermediary organisation in their country of residence to submit their application.
  • The intermediary organisations assess the applications according to the programme assessment criteria and either accept the applications or put them on hold, if further information is needed. Unsuccessful applications will be refused.
  • Once accepted, entrepreneurs will be able to access the online catalogue to search for a potential business partner, with whom to start an exchange. A User Manual will be available for the accepted entrepreneurs, in order to help them through the matchmaking process.

The selection process can take up to 15 working days, but may take longer if applications are incomplete. To avoid waiting, we recommend entrepreneurs to read the Registration Guides for host and new entrepreneurs and Users’ Guide, which contain all relevant information for the programme.

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