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What are the benefits for new entrepreneurs?
Posted by Support 1 on 15 April 2013 04:10 PM

Potential benefits for new entrepreneurs include the opportunity to:

  • Stay up to six months with a successful and experienced entrepreneur in another European country to gain relevant business start-up knowledge in a wide range of areas such as marketing, financial accounting, customer relations, business finance;
  • Improve the entrepreneurial experience and chances of success during the business start-up phase;
  • Refine business ideas/plan;
  • Become members of an international European business network of successful entrepreneurs;
  • Gain knowledge about foreign markets and understand the regulatory framework in another European Union country;
  • Collaborate and develop cross-border business co-operation;
  • Gain insights into different cultural and organisational settings and understand how companies function in the European Union;
  • Improve language skills;
  • Find out about European commercial law and the single European market, European standardisatio and European support for SMEs;
  • Receive practical and financial assistance such as induction courses before the exchange, logistical and local support during the stay, and a grant covering the travel and subsistence costs during the stay abroad.

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