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Difficulties selecting your Intermediary Organisation during the electronic application
Posted by Support 1 on 11 July 2013 04:22 PM

You are in the process of completing your registration for the programme and you cannot get through the step "Select your IO” on the last page of the registration form.

Situation 1

You click on the field "Select an IO” and you are returned an empty page containing the text "Some of the Intermediary Organisations cannot accept entrepreneurs from non-EU countries due to legal restrictions. These Intermediary Organisations from cycle 4 are not shown in the map for non-EU entrepreneurs, even though they are active and appear in the list of Local Contact Points in the programme's website."

This text appears to all applicants but the message is aimed at people applying from non-EU countries participating in the programme. In this case, you need to look at the settings of your web browser and ensure that pop-ups are enabled.

Look carefully at all dialog boxes and questions you may receive and click "Yes" to accept the display of all contents.

Consult examples here

Please find the document here

Situation 2

You click on the field "Select an IO”, the geomap is displaying correctly but you can see only part of the IOs and not the one you want to select.

The reason for this is that the exchange months you selected at a previous step exceed the period during which the respective IO will be visible to the public. You have to contact your IO and ask for the "activity end date” of their organisation and fill in the availability period with months until the one specified by your IO.

Situation 3

The geomap is shown and you see only numbers which are not located in the geographical area where you were expecting to see an organisation.

You need to zoom out all numbers and navigate on the page with the help of the arrows until you find the Intermediary Organisation you wanted to choose. See how the icons look like here

 tips and tricks for the selection of the intermediary organisation.pdf (356.32 KB)

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